Fast Breads’ Crumpets Recipe

[Photographs: Donna Currie]

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Tea and crumpets. That phrase is absolutely everything I knew about crumpets before I tried this recipe from Fast Breads. Crumpets are sort of like thin English muffins. Since they’re so thin, you don’t cut them in half; you simply slather them with butter and eat them as they are. They reminded me of a cross between an English muffin and a pancake.

I love the crunchy hills and tender valleys of an English muffin, but this was an entirely different experience since it’s not cut and/or toasted. Instead of serving them with butter as suggested, I preferred mine with jam.

And I don’t know if it’s traditional, but I found that popping them in the toaster to re-warm them wasn’t a bad idea.

What Worked: Another great use for my cast iron pizza pan. And it’s always fun to try making something I’ve never eaten before.

What Didn’t: Just like pancakes, the first batch didn’t cook as well as the second. Not the recipe’s fault, I just wasn’t sure exactly about the temperature. Next time I’ll know what to aim for, but if you’re cooking these for the first time I suggest making one sacrifice crumpet before committing to a whole griddle full.

Suggested Tweaks: I’d cut back on the salt just a tad next time, particularly if I was going to serve it with salted butter.

Adapted from Fast Breads by Elinor Klivans. Copyright © 2010. Published by Chronicle Books. Available wherever books are sold. All Rights Reserved


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